Following accusations from AIC President Umberto Calcagno, Juventus has issued a response addressing the allegations of mistreating Leonardo Bonucci’s dignity.

In light of the decision to part ways, the seasoned defender has been instructed to seek alternative playing opportunities. Subsequently, Juventus removed him from their active squad, leading him to undergo individual training sessions until he secures a new club.

While Bonucci has undeniably enjoyed a highly successful tenure with the club, recent susceptibility to injuries prompted the club to make the difficult choice.

Nevertheless, this decision has not been met favourably by the experienced defender, and the AIC (Italian Footballers’ Association) has come forward in support of Bonucci’s stance.

In the aftermath of Umberto Calcagno’s remarks, Juventus has conveyed its response in return.

The club responded, as quoted by Football Italia:

“Juventus Football Club strongly reaffirm the correctness of actions towards all registered players who are fully recognized and guaranteed all the rights provided by the Collective Agreement category,

“Juventus are also ready, if necessary, to defend the legitimacy of their conduct in all relevant fora.”

Juve FC Says

Bonucci is making a mess of this situation when there are better ways to handle the club’s decision.

The defender has been one of our most important players for years and has to admit that he is no longer at the level to play for this club.