Throughout this particularly tough times for humanity, we football fans have been blessed with the ability to watch our favorite teams taking on the field once or twice per week.

Whilst we’re all excited for the return of the Champions League to our screens, the clubs and players are having to endure some complicated situations in order to put the show together.

On Wednesday, Juventus are set to play away from home at Porto, but their trip to Portugal is going to be anything but enjoyable.

According to Tuttosport (via, the Bianconeri squad is set for a 30-hour blitz where the members will be completely isolated from their surroundings.

The situation in Portugal is taking a turn to the worse in terms of the Covid-19 pandemic (77,330 cases and 1,514 deaths per one million people) which have led the government to implement a total lockdown.

Therefore, Andrea Pirlo’s pre-match press conference will be held in Italy on the early afternoon of Tuesday.

Afterwards, the squad will take the flight towards Porto and stay at the hotel for the whole evening.

Tomorrow morning, Juve’s muscular training session will take place inside the hotel as well.

After launch, the final team meeting will be held before the squad departs to the stadium.

Right after the match, Juventus will immediately take the flight back home.

The return flight should take place after midnight, and the Bianconeri will be expected to land in Italy at around 3 AM in the morning on Thursday.