It is well known that Juventus have had a very difficult time lately with allegations made towards them and the 15-point deduction they have suffered. 

As well as dropping down the table like a stone in water the 15 points deductions will bring even more repercussions in regard to certain income streams.

Tuttojuve is reporting that the club will be hit economically via their TV money because simply put, points equal money, the more points you accrue, the higher you finish on the table the more money you will earn.

Juve FC Says

There is no doubt that the punishment handed down will have an effect across the board, it affects more than just TV money, the points deduction could see no European participation and that could see as much as 100 million Euros slip through our fingers, albeit that would come from going far in the Champions League.

Sponsors will not be happy either and there is every possibility that there are clauses in various agreements, That means less money if the club fails to qualify for Europe and of course, some players may want to leave without continental football.

That said, there is still a route open to us to put everything right once again and that is by winning the Europa League, which gets you Champions League football, that keeps the players happy as well as the sponsors.