Juventus is taking significant steps to address Paul Pogba’s salary, given his ongoing struggles with injuries and performance. The French midfielder is currently earning a guaranteed annual salary of 8 million euros, a figure that many believe does not align with his contributions to the club.

Despite choosing not to allow Pogba to leave the club, Juventus is determined to ensure that his salary reflects his actual impact on the team. While Pogba remains one of the standout players on paper in the Bianconeri squad, the club believes his current salary is no longer justified.

Tuttojuve reports that Juventus is set to meet with Pogba’s agent before the end of the week with the intention of reducing his guaranteed pay. The proposed adjustment would allow him to potentially earn up to 8 million euros per season, but the majority of his income would be performance-based, dependent on both team and personal achievements. This move underscores the club’s commitment to aligning player compensation with their on-field contributions.

Juve FC Says

Keeping Pogba in Turin despite his injury problems should let the Frenchman know that the club value him.

Now is the time for him to pay back and show us that he is a player who has the interest of the club at heart.

We expect him to agree to the pay cut, knowing how we are struggling financially.