Juventus has been losing a lot of money over the last few seasons, and their shareholders have now approved their latest financial statement.

The Bianconeri are under investigation for account falsification on capital gains, with investigators confident they have cooked their books.

Max Allegri is doing an excellent job on the field with his players, but the Bianconeri off-field business is a source of contention.

The club maintains it has done nothing wrong, and the business reported in its financial statement is subject to different interpretations.

A report on Football Italia reveals the club’s shareholders have now approved its latest financial statement for the year ending June 2022.

In it, Juve lost €239.3m, the second highest financial loss by an Italian club in history, which paints a terrible financial picture for them.

Juve FC Says

It is not easy to run a big club like Juventus, and it is completely normal for businesses to lose money, so fans will not overly be worried by this Juventus report, considering the Bianconeri will know how to make the money back.

Hopefully, the club can also quickly defend itself in the capital gains case so that we can turn to other important football matters.