Juventus has shown its humanitarian side by evacuating some Ukrainians after Russia invaded their country.

The war has caused a serious humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and has displaced so many individuals.

Italy and other countries are taking some of the displaced, and the government needs help from organisations.

Football Italia says AC Milan raised €60,000 to support the victims of the war, while Juventus sent their bus to evacuate 80 refugees from the Hungarian border.

That wasn’t all they did, with the report claiming the Bianconeri also sent the buses to deliver food, medicine and clothing to those on the border with Hungary in Zahony.

Juventus general manager Maurizio Arrivabene was part of the group that took the 2,800km round trip.

Juve FC Says

Football is a key part of every society and it is much more than kicking a ball around.

When a crisis like this happens, it gives the football clubs an opportunity to show their humanitarian side.

Juve is one of the biggest in the world and it is only fitting that they showed some class and helped the stranded individuals.

This will help to keep the club’s image very positive.