Juventus stand to lose just over €12m over the next 30 days following the emergency decree that will see all Serie A match played behind closed doors.

The health emergency linked to Coronavirus has led the authorities to decide to continue the championship, albeit without fans present at the stadium, at least until April 3.

Football finance website Calcio e Finanza have used their own methodologies to calculate the approximate losses that Serie A sides stand to make over the course of the next month.

Of all the sides, the Bianconeri will be the worst hit: according to the websites estimates, Juve will lose approximately €12.3m in missed gate receipts, equal to 43% of all Serie A clubs.

Milan and Inter will lose around €3.45m and €2.7 respectively with Roma also set to lose €2.3m while the restrictions are in place.

Starting this weekend with the postponed Derby D’Italia, the largest slice of losses will affect Juventus and Inter will a potential collection of around €4.1m (including the hospitality fee).

Juventus also stand to lose €5.4m from the projected gate receipts from their last 16 Champions League tie against Lyon in two weeks time.

[The above graphic is reproduced from Calcio e Finanza]