Leonardo Bonucci has called on Italy to rebuild their team ahead of Euro 2024 and the World Cup in 2026 after they missed out on Qatar 2022.

The Azzurri could not qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and won Euro 2020.

Fans were delighted by that win and thought their team was back to form. However, Italy could not qualify for the Qatar WC despite being European champions.

Roberto Mancini is now rebuilding the team as they prepare to make the Euros in 2024 and the next World Cup.

Bonucci might be at the Euros, but it will be hard for him to play in the next World Cup, but he urges the stakeholders to focus on rebuilding a team capable of qualifying for both competitions.

He said via Football Italia:

“A week ago one of my teammates asked me how I was doing on this very subject. I told him that it’s true, there’s sorrow, but the only thing we can do is to build a great present and future. 

“Football, like life, always puts before us the chance to start again, with a view to Euro 2024 and in the case of my younger colleagues the World Cup in 2026. 

“I try to get this message across, at all times there is a chance to build a great future. Only by being united since March can we start again.”

Juve FC Says

The Italian national team has some of the best talents in the world, so it is surprising that they have failed to qualify for the last two WCs.

However, now is the time to rebuild and avoid the mistakes they made in the last two qualifying campaigns.

Retaining the Euro crown at the 2024 competition will not be smooth and will take a lot of work as well.