Juventus star Adrien Rabiot has emerged as the most valuable soon-to-be free agent in Serie A, providing a clear rationale for the Bianconeri’s desire to retain him.

Rabiot’s career has undergone a remarkable transformation in the last two seasons, making it easy to overlook that Juventus had initially agreed to sell him to Manchester United in the summer of 2022—a move that fell through when he opted to stay in Turin, subsequently delivering his best season in the club’s shirt.

Continuing his strong performances after signing a one-year contract extension in the summer, Juventus has been actively pursuing a longer-term deal for Rabiot. However, the player seems in no rush to commit to another extension, now having the option to engage in discussions with foreign clubs.

As Rabiot approaches free agency, Transfermarkt has designated him the most valuable player set to be a free agent in the summer of 2024. The report indicates his current market value at 40 million euros, with Piotr Zieliński closely following at 30 million euros.

Juve FC Says

This valuation shows why we have been eager to get Rabiot on a new contract, and the Frenchman is a player we expect to keep impressing.

He is in the prime of his career and we will be lucky if he decides to pen a long-term deal with us.