Mino Raiola was arguably the biggest football agent in the world before his recent demise.

This summer was shaping up to be a very busy one for the Dutch-Italian before he died days ago at the age of 54.

He had several of the best players in the world as his clients and one of them is Juventus defender, Matthijs de Ligt.

The Netherlands international moved to Juve from Ajax in 2019, thanks to the help of Raiola.

There had been reports that he might leave the club this summer and Raiola is always on the lookout for the best interest of his clients so that probably would have happened.

The defender has been saddened by the death of the man that managed his career, and he penned an open letter to Raiola on his Instagram page.

A part of the lengthy letter reads:

“Dear Mino, I honestly am not ready to write this message and I think I never will be. It’s too early for us players, for your family but especially for you.”

Continuing: “The moment I met you for the first time I knew you were someone special. Completely different than me but we had one thing in common. We wanted to do our job as good as possible and get everything out of our lives.”

Adding: “Mino, I will miss you for everything. Like you said to be the bad guy against everybody for me, to be my agent but especially to be my best friend. Someone who I could always ask for help, who was ready to fight for me, but also someone with whom I could talk about life in general.”

Juve FC Says

De Ligt’s letter clearly shows that he had a very close relationship with the superagent, perhaps closer than we all knew.

It would be hard to move on without such an influential figure in his life, and Mino cannot be replaced.

However, Juve will hope De Ligt puts this tragedy behind him and performs well for the club in the remaining games of the campaign.