Juventus still owe Paulo Dybala some money after he reached a secret agreement with the Bianconeri in 2020

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the black and whites struggled to pay their players and secretly agreed to deals with some to pay under the table.

One of them was Dybala, who now plays for AS Roma and seems to have cooperated with investigators in the Prisma case.

Football Italia reports that prosecutors working on the case spoke with the Argentinian’s lawyer on Tuesday and discovered the Bianconeri still owe him €3.7m as they build their case.

The attacker was reportedly supposed to get the payment in January, but it never came and he asked the club about it.

The black and whites have agreed they will pay, but it remains to be seen when they will as they fight several battles.

Juve FC Says

Dybala no longer plays for us, so we do not expect the ex-Palermo man to work in our interest and he certainly will not forfeit €3.7m.

That is a lot of money and this type of revelation makes you worry about the outcome of this Prisma case.

But we must trust the club to do its best and defend itself when needed.