Juventus’ 15 points deduction has been temporarily suspended after they appealed the decision to punish them for their use of capital gains.

The Bianconeri have been in several legal battles this campaign and would be eager to ensure they escape punishment.

It was a relief when their 15 points were returned temporarily, but it is not the end.

Calciomercato reminds us that prosecutors can appeal after learning the reason the deductions were reversed.

It further said the Bianconeri could see their deducted points reduced to 6 or 9 points, but the possibility of the team losing points on appeal is still alive.

Juve FC Says

Losing points is unfair to our players who have worked hard to stay where they are now and we expect authorities to consider that when they make the next decision.

The club could be punished with fines, which would be more justifiable than being docked points they have worked hard for.

The win against Atalanta gives us a good chance to end this season inside the top four and we need to build on that and earn even more wins in the next few weeks.

If we finish second with a strong points difference, a minor deduction may not affect us as much as it should.