Zinedine Zidane remains a target of Juventus as they continue to watch the performance of Andrea Pirlo.

The Bianconeri has been the dominant side in Serie A in the last decade and they will want to continue that.

They made Andrea Pirlo their latest manager in the summer, but it is a gamble that doesn’t seem to be paying off at the moment.

The former midfielder has seen his team struggle to sustain their bid to win another league title and are already behind by 10 points.

They have also been knocked out of the Champions League by FC Porto and they may end this campaign with no league title for the first time in 10 seasons.

Zidane has continued to deliver success in Madrid after winning the league title for them on his return last season.

They remain in the La Liga race and can also win the Champions League, however, his future is the subject of speculation as he could be fired if he doesn’t deliver success this season.

Diario Gol via Calciomercato says Juventus has made him the number one target to replace Pirlo if they fire their former player.

However, Zidane will want them to sign Karim Benzema before he can move to Italy. This condition will be hard to fulfil because Juve wants to sign younger players.