Getting Sami Khedira off their wage bill is one of the biggest off-field wins Juventus has scored this season.

After he refused to take a settlement and leave the club in the summer, Juve had no use for the German midfielder.

However, he trained with the squad through the first half of the season and looked content with seeing no football action.

The Bianconeri needed to get a redundant player like him off their wage bill to save money and they eventually did.

He moved to Hertha Berlin before the close of the last transfer window, but they were not the only team that had a chance to land him.

Calciomercato reveals that in their desperate bid to get rid of him, Juve attempted to sign a striker in exchange.

They approached AS Roma to use Khedira as a sweetener to land Edin Dzeko, whom they had targeted at the start of the season.

However, he wasn’t the type of player that the Rome side wanted and they gave Juventus a very strong negative.

Berlin eventually saved Juve from carrying on paying his huge wages and the club wishes him well at his new home.

The Bianconeri are now focused on signing younger players that would serve them well into the future.