Whether we like it or not, the worlds of professional football and business are an intertwined these days, especially for a club listed on the stock exchange market.

Sadly for Juventus, their recent legal troubles have alerted their shareholders who appear desperate to sell their shares and invest their money on greener pastures.

As we all know by now, the Bianconeri are enduring tough times to say the least, with the entire board of directors resigning last week amidst investigations and financial woes.

According to Calciomercato, Juventus have suffered great losses on the stock exchange market, with the club’s share reaching a six-year low.

Although it seems to be a positive day in general at the Piazza Affari in Milano, Juventus remains a different case, with its share plunking by 3.7% following the opening.

This is also affecting the club’s general valuation, which has now dropped to 623 million euros.

Juve FC say

When it comes to the stock exchange, the shares’ value only mirror the company’s status-quo, or at least how it’s publicly perceived.

Therefore, Juventus will be able to surge back once they manage to fix their legal and financial issues, even if this prospect remains easier said than done.