Juventus has the option to sign Carlos Alcaraz permanently for around 49 million euros at the end of this season, after signing him on loan in January.

Southampton was reluctant to let the Argentine join the Bianconeri until that option was added and Alcaraz’s transfer was completed.

The Argentine has struggled to secure a place in the Juve team, but the Bianconeri would like to give him more time.

This would mean making his transfer permanent under the current agreement, but they haven’t seen enough to justify spending that much on Alcaraz.

The Bianconeri are now pursuing a new agreement and would like to sign him on loan again for another campaign.

According to Tuttomercatoweb, Juventus wants Southampton to renegotiate the terms of their previous agreement to allow him to stay on loan for a full season, possibly with a lower buy-out amount.

Southampton has to make that decision before the next transfer window closes.

Juve FC Says

Alcaraz has shown that he is a top player in the making, with some fine touches in games for us, but he has not had enough minutes.

A full preseason and campaign with us would give him a greater chance of earning a permanent move to the club.