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Juventus tipped to save their season by making signings in the next few hours

August 31, 2021 - 10:30 am

Juventus season suffered a somewhat unexpected twist when Cristiano Ronaldo left them last weekend.

There had been much speculation about the future of the Portugal captain, but as the end of the transfer window approached, most people expected him to remain at the club.

That has all changed and his departure means that Juve now has to find a goalscorer.

But that isn’t the only position that needs to be strengthened at the club right now.

Tuttojuve’s Massimo Pavan has discussed their summer and claims that they have failed to bring in the reinforcements that their seasonal aim requires so far.

He claims they need a new central defender even though Daniele Rugani looks set to stay, because he isn’t good enough.

He also spoke about the need for a new midfielder and tipped Pjanic to make a return, among other positions. He expects them to use the next few hours to sort out these deficiencies.

He writes: “In these few hours we will see what will happen, Juventus will try to save its market and make a team more competitive that in the summer had a very specific task that was not fulfilled also due to lack of funds.

“A left winger was needed and he didn’t arrive, a central was needed in place of Demiral and Rugani arrived, not suitable, two midfielders were needed and one arrived, while the classic playmaker could be Pjanic, but maybe not. Finally, when Ronaldo left, a top-level bomber was needed, a Haaland, but being impossible, a Vlahovic, it could have been the right synthesis, Kean arrives, well, but another twenty goals are needed per season, who will do them?”

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  • Avatar
    martinn August 31, 2021 at 10:49 am

    the rest of the team will score goals just like they did in udine? oh, no goals against empoli? ronaldo didn`t score asgainst benevento. much better sample size, 3 seasons, to know ronno destroyed our goal difference, his toxic followers nearly destroyed our fan base, cost us ten in a row and cost us doinnarumma. also defending my club`s players against assault charges? no thanks. bye bye cr7

    • Avatar
      Sorunke Belshazzar opy August 31, 2021 at 11:49 am

      Dear martin, i always read your comments with great care, and i must say, you always say stuff that i’m always thinking but can’t say,u’ve always spoken like a true bianconerri. You are right about C.RONALDO and i hope this current juve fan base is cleansed of all dirts that may have been placed on we the actually fans due to the CR7 Transfer[entry ý exit]. Forza juve FINO ALLA FINALE (pls follow me on twitter @belshazzar_opy)

  • Avatar
    Justin August 31, 2021 at 11:51 am 7 project was a failure from day one. Agnelli and former sporting director Fabio prartici have some big regrets now. Juve over the years got to obsess in trying to win the champions league. Nothing is wrong with obsession however if not controlled it can lead to you making bad decisions just as juve did forking out 100million euros plus 31million per season on a 33 year old Ronaldo back in 2018. You don’t ever do these things itscrazy. Cr7 as good as a player he’s not a team player. Juve DNA over the years is about team sacrifice not just a one man show. Now Mr Agneli let’s us all support max Allegri . Nice needs to change their formation 4-3-3 Dybala centre toward cheisa on the right wing bernadeschi on the left wing. Locatelli as a central midfielder flank by either Weston mc kennie and rabaiot

    • Avatar
      Justin August 31, 2021 at 12:02 pm

      Juventus was well known club for opportunities on the transfer market. Instead of forking out that 100million euros plus the 31million per season for ronaldo they could have used that fund to buy a 19 year old Erling haaaland and restructure the midfield and defense and still afford donnaruma. And you know what they could have done like PSG wait until a opportunity arrive like in the case of messi and sign him for free. Come on Juve you were a king of opportunity on the transfer market. Just wait and you could have gotten cr7 for free if you so desired. Instead the club loss all round on the cr 7 project. Paying 100million them selling for only 23 million

  • Avatar
    Justin August 31, 2021 at 12:07 pm

    So Juve would you considered give me a chance to run your club??

  • Avatar
    Roberto August 31, 2021 at 5:14 pm

    Who will score those goals? Whoever is chosen to take the penalty shots, for god’s sake.
    Finally the team can be built like a team again. We have immense young talent and we don’t need any overpriced Instagrammer as our main guy.