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Juventus to climb two spots in UEFA rankings despite early European elimination

April 14, 2022 - 10:00 pm

Last month, Juventus suffered their third straight elimination from the Champions League round of 16, this time at the hands of Villarreal.

But according to Calcio & Finanza via JuventusNews24, the Bianconeri will climb two spots in the UEFA rankings.

The Old Lady currently sit 6th in the overall table, but will rise to 4th at the expense of Chelsea and Atletico Madrid who have recently exited Europe’s elite club competition from the quarter finals.

Curiously, the Blues and the Rojiblancos have done better than Juventus in this edition of the Champions League. So how did they drop spots in favor of the Turin-based club?

As the source explains, the UEFA rankings are based on the clubs’ European results throughout the past ten years.

In 2011/12, Juventus didn’t take part in any continental competition, a fact that is still plaguing the club’s ranking until this day.

But starting from next season, the 2011/12 results will no longer count, which will offer a significant boost for the Bianconeri.

Juve FC say

The UEFA ranking plays an important role on several fronts. First of all, even if Juventus fail to win the Scudetto, their  high ranking will ensure them a spot in the second pot of the Champions League draw.

Moreover, the competition offers approximately 1.1 million euros for every higher spot in the rankings as coefficient-based payment.

So as the initial report explains, Juventus will be in line to receive around 33 million euros from coefficient-based payment alone if they reach next season’s edition of the Champions League. This season, they earned around 30.7 millions.

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