Dusan Vlahovic missed his third penalty out of the last four attempts for Juventus last night against Monza.

Fortunately, Juventus scored from the ensuing corner just a minute later, saving the situation. However, this might mark the end of Vlahovic’s role as the designated penalty taker for the club.

Manager Max Allegri had entrusted Vlahovic with penalty duties to aid in his goal-scoring and confidence-building efforts. While the striker is typically reliable from the spot, this season has presented challenges, with three of the last four penalties being missed.

The latest miss may prompt Allegri to reevaluate the penalty hierarchy at the club. According to a report on Calciomercato, Allegri is considering making changes to the lineup of penaltytakers.

Vlahovic should comprehend the decision, given the numerous opportunities he has had to perform well from the penalty spot thus far.

Juve FC Says

We have many players who can take spot kicks for us and it makes no sense to stick with Vlahovic.

His miss did not cost us the match yesterday, but if it keeps happening, that will be the case eventually.

Hopefully, the next player who takes over that responsibility will be more successful.