According to a report in La Repubblica, a split between Juventus and Maurizio Sarri is inevitable at the end of the season.

The Bianconeri slumped to a poor 1-0 defeat against Lyon in the Champions League yesterday with Sarri declaring that he couldn’t his players to understand his most basic of ideas.

La Repubblica report that the players “try to follow vague, confused, not assimilated indications” and that time needed to implement ‘Sarrismo’ is too great for a club like Juventus who need to win immediately.

The newspaper also point to the constant tweaking of the formation, the shift from using an attacking midfielder to three striker and the general lack of cohesion among the team has led to the conclusion that Sarri is not suitable for Juventus and that the Bianconeri will likely remain with him in charge until June.

The report goes on to suggest that there is always the prospect of bringing back Max Allegri, given that he is already on the Juve payroll, however his agent has already denied this would be a realistic possibility.