Juventus will have at least three players in the squad of both nations playing in the World Cup final this weekend and they sent most players to the FIFA competition from Serie A.

During the group stages, more than ten Juve players competed for different countries in the competition, and their appearances will fetch the Bianconeri a nice sum of money.

A report on Football Italia reveals they are now in line to make at least $2m from world football’s governing body by the end of the competition.

FIFA had set aside a fund to pay clubs for loaning them players for the World Cup and will use it to pay them after the competition ends.

Juve FC Says

It is excellent that FIFA recognizes the importance of the clubs and the money will be appreciated.

However, the most important thing for us now would be to have our men back in good shape so that they can start playing for us immediately.

We ended the first half of the season very well, and it will be great to begin the second half in a similarly brilliant fashion.

That will go a long way in determining how we end the season and also improve our chances of winning the Scudetto title.