Juventus is gearing up to unveil its jersey design for the upcoming season as we approach the pre-season period.

Among the clubs yet to reveal their official design for the new season, Juventus is set to make their presentation.

While several other clubs have already released their new shirts, Juventus has scheduled their unveiling for July 16th, as reported by Il Bianconero. Notably, these jerseys will be launched without a sponsor.

Juventus’ previous sponsorship agreement with Jeep concluded at the end of last season, prompting the club to seek a new sponsor. Despite receiving proposals from several companies, none have met Juventus’ expectations thus far.

Nevertheless, Juventus plans to proceed with the jersey launch and remain optimistic about securing a new sponsorship deal before the start of the season.

Juve FC Says

Waiting until we get a sponsor before we launch our jersey is not a good idea, but the jerseys will look unappealing to some fans when there is no sponsor on the shirt.

In the next few weeks, more companies and brands will step forward to sponsor our shirt, so fans need not worry.