As it is known by now, Cristiano Ronaldo was the center of a controversial episode, as he appeared to throw his Juventus jersey on the ground following the 3-1 victory over Genoa last Sunday.

Some expected the club to hand him some sort of a retribution, but instead, an Under-13 youngster will be the one to receive the punishment.

Admittingly, this does sound like a case of a medieval “whipping boy” at first, but there’s actually a legal explanation behind it.

According to la Repubblica (via Calciomercato), the young ball-boy broke the Old Lady’s strict rules by asking the Portuguese legend for his jersey.

The source says that the internal regulations inside the club prohibit all ball-boys from approaching the players in order to get themselves some souvenirs.

Whilst the report doesn’t mention what type of punishment the teenager is expected to receive, we know for sure that he’d be willing to do it all over again.

Ronaldo is considered to be the greatest player of his generation alongside Barcelona’s Leo Messi, and therefore, receiving a punishment in exchange of an eternal souvenir from the five time Ballon d’Or winner seems like a tempting exchange on any day of the week.

So well done, you lucky young man!