Juventus has once again shown why they remain the top club in Italy after emerging as the side with the most lucrative shirt sponsorship deals in the country.

The Bianconeri have been one of the best in European football in the last few seasons and continues to show they are among the most successful financially.

Their accounting has come under investigation recently, but it does not take away the fact that they make so much money.

Football Italia reports that Juve would earn around €109.5m from shirt deals in this season alone, which includes their €45m agreement with Jeep and €51m from Adidas.

Juve FC Says

Despite our ongoing troubles, we remain the top club in the land and these earnings could answer those who wonder where we get so much money from.

We have other partners who pay a lot of money and aren’t on our shirts and hopefully, more businesses will partner with us in the next term.

Prosecutors are probing our finances and financial agreements, but the club insists it has always acted in the proper manner and we hope we will win the case in court on appeal if there is a harsh punishment meted on us.