According to La Repubblica newspaper via Football Italia, Juventus is one of several teams that haven’t paid salaries for the month of January as the pandemic eats into the finances of European teams.

The FIGC will reportedly make a ruling that would permit teams to delay the payment of salaries as they look to sort themselves out financially.

The report adds that only Napoli has been able to pay all their salaries up to date, meaning Juventus is also yet to pay their stars for this month.

The financial situation of teams around Europe has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic that has seen teams operate without matchday revenues.

Some sponsors have also struggled in their businesses and cannot keep putting money into the sport.

Juve is one of the biggest teams in Europe, and the payment of salaries has never been an issue.

The fact that Napoli is the only team that has paid up to date doesn’t mean the Bianconeri have been owing, they still have a few more days of the month left to pay up.

Inter Milan is also struggling to pay salaries with the report saying that they have just settled for July and August while waiting to settle that of September and October.