Juventus finds itself embroiled in the current betting scandal that has swept through Italian football. The revelation centres on their midfielder, Nicolo Fagioli, who took the unusual step of reporting himself to the authorities out of guilt for using an illegal betting platform. This act of self-reporting has triggered a wider investigation, resulting in Sandro Tonali and Nicolo Zaniolo being sent home from the Italy national team camp.

The ongoing investigation has raised questions about Juventus’ awareness of the issue. Initially, it appeared that the club was shocked by the revelation and had no prior knowledge of the problem. However, a report from Football Italia has confirmed that Juventus had been informed about the situation during the summer.

The appropriate course of action for the club would have been to promptly report the midfielder’s transgressions to the authorities before the issue came to light independently. Instead, it appears that Juventus attempted to conceal the matter, only to be caught off guard when the news became public knowledge.

Juve FC Says

If it can be proven that the club knew about this problem and did nothing about it, then we will be in big trouble.

However, we expect the leaders to be prepared to defend our name as usual. Supporters are sick of the club being involved in numerous off-field scandals and certainly cannot wait for this to be over so that everyone can move on.