One player that has met or perhaps exceeded expectations at Juventus this season is Weston McKennie.

The American has been on loan with an obligation to buy at the club after this campaign.

After becoming the first American to play for the Bianconeri, he wasn’t expected to have performed as much as he has done.

Juve now has no choice but to sign him permanently, not just because of the obligation to do so, but because he has proven to be a hit.

Calciomercato says that the Bianconeri have to sign him when he plays at least 60% of their matches and they finish inside the top four.

With the way things are going, it is almost certain that he would reach both milestones, and they are already planning to sign him up.

However, the report adds that they will try to renegotiate their contract with him if any of those milestones aren’t met.

It even says that they have tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to bring down his permanent transfer fee.

Whatever happens, the midfielder has already shown that he belongs at this level and it is up to Juve to do whatever they can to keep him now.