Last season, Calcio fans rejoiced following the reopening of football stadiums which were left empty during the Covid-19 pandemic.

But while the rest of the grounds in Italy enjoyed the return of the noisy supporters and the great atmospheres, the Allianz Stadium failed to recapture its pre-pandemic charm,

Growing problems between the club’s Ultras and the Juventus management prompted a large section of the die-hard fans to desert their posts in the Curva Sud, which took its toll on the general ambiance of the stadium.

But luckily for all of us, the Ultras (or at least a section of them) are ready to return to the Allianz Stadium.

The Curva Sud Utlras have announced their return to the stadium ahead of the upcoming campaign in a statement released on social media.

These groups believe that it’s the right time to resume their support to their beloved club.

“For too long we have left room for criticism and insinuations but the reality is different from what many paint and want to believe,” reads the statement as reported by Calciomercato.

“For too long we have been away from those stands which they represent for us a reason for pride and satisfaction.

“The time has come to take off the weight that we can no longer hold, we cannot be further away from this passion which accompanies our life.

“The time has come to bring out the voice and return to fill those stands, in that stadium that for years has been our second home. ‘Everything that comes back in reality is never finished’. We will return.”