While the writing has been on the wall for several months, Napoli could finally clinch their first Scudetto title in 33 years on Sunday.

If Lazio fail to beat Inter in today’s early kickoff, then a victory over Salernitana in the Campania Derby would suffice to mathematically seal the title.

After more than three decades, we can only expect wild celebrations from Neapolitans, not just inside their city, but all over the peninsula and perhaps beyond.

Nevertheless, Juventus Ultras wouldn’t tolerate Scudetto celebrations inside their own walls. The Curva Sud groups released a statement that warns Napoli fans against celebrations on the streets of Turin.

The Juventus supporters remind Neapolitans that there are only two clubs in the city of Turin, while reserving a cheeky remark for their crosstown rivals Torino.

“Avoid having a party, because we won’t allow it,” reads the statement released on social media via ilBianconero.

“This is not your city, in Turin there are two teams that can paint the streets with their colors.

“We already find it hard to bear the celebrations of our cousins ​​following their promotions from Serie B to Serie A.

“This is not your city and we won’t allow you to celebrate.”

Juve FC say

In a perfect world, every football fan would have been allowed to take the streets and celebrate regardless of his location.

However, Calcio has its own unwritten rules, and surely Juventus fans never threw a party on the streets of Naples.