Former Juventus striker Nicola Amoruso has spoken about their recent struggles with a 15-point league deduction and urges the current group to do its best to get back to form.

The Bianconeri have struggled with consistency this season, but the 15 points deduction means they have a tough job on their hands to even remain in the top flight.

A problem like this could derail a team’s momentum and see them fall into a bad run of form, making things worse.

But the team can respond in a more positive way and work its way back to the European places, which is what Amoruso expects from Juve.

He tells Tutto Sport:

“What happened can affect the minds of the players, but I think at a certain point we have to unite and understand that this situation can be fought on the pitch. Two things can happen: either everything falls apart or we regroup and start again. In its history Juventus has always regrouped and has always restarted strong. 

“I hope that the match against Lazio marks a new beginning. There are important values ​​in this team, which had already gone through a period of difficulty, was recovering and received the penalty at the best moment. 

“It’s a tremendous blow, but Juve knows how to bring out the best qualities in difficulties and I expect a reaction: in moments like this you have to show that you have something more and this club and this group can do it.”

Juve FC Says

This is a tough time for us, but the team has more than enough winners who should motivate the other players so they can keep going.

What we need now is wins because that is the only way to secure the points that could see us finish this season in a good place.