Former Juventus man Franco Causio has shared his opinion on the club’s transfer decisions, urging them to retain Dusan Vlahovic and Federico Chiesa and consider selling Paul Pogba instead.

As Juventus seeks to improve their squad options, financial constraints have led them to contemplate selling at least one of Chiesa and Vlahovic.

Vlahovic, in particular, is the subject of transfer interest and Juventus is keen to facilitate his departure soon to make room for potential signings like Romelu Lukaku and further investments in other areas of their squad.

Chiesa’s contract is set to expire in 2025, which may lead to his potential sale if a serious suitor expresses interest.

However, Causio disagrees with the idea of offloading either Vlahovic or Chiesa. Instead, he suggests that Juventus should consider selling Paul Pogba as an alternative. Pogba’s potential sale could potentially provide the necessary funds to strengthen other areas of the squad while keeping Vlahovic and Chiesa, who are valuable assets for the team’s future.

He said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“Juve? Let’s see what they will do on the market, they won’t have cups and will be able to focus only on championship. If it stays as it is now, it’s competitive, surely something needs to improve. Lukaku-Vlahovic swap ? I wouldn’t do it, the Serbian and Chiesa are untouchable, if I were Juve I’d give away more Pobga “.

Juve FC Says

Chiesa and Vlahovic are two important players for us, but we also know that they are struggling to adapt to the system of Allegri.

This could cost them a happy and successful career while reducing their market value.

So it is much better for everyone involved to sell them and use the money from their sale to buy players that are better suited to our team.