Former Juventus striker, Franco Causio says the Bianconeri should offer a two-year deal to Manchester City striker, Sergio Aguero.

Aguero is leaving City after a decade of service and he leaves the club as one of their highest ever goalscorers.

The striker wasn’t offered a new Manchester City contract because he has struggled with his fitness in this campaign.

He is also already 32 and would be an exception to the type of players Juventus has signed in the recent transfer windows.

However, Causio argues that players can play well into the future even when they are older.

He says Aguero is like Carlos Tevez who moved from City to Juve in 2013 and spent two years at the club before leaving.

He also believes when the striker is fit, he can deliver valuable returns, but he insists that Aguero must be motivated to win things at the club.

“He would be perfect for Juventus. He has proved he can be useful for many clubs, provided he is 100 per cent fit,” Causio told La Gazzetta dello Sport via Football Italia.

“Players are not old anymore at 32. If I were at Juventus, I would offer him a two-year deal because I am convinced he can still give a lot.

“He can be like Tevez, but he must be motivated and willing to win, as Tevez did.”