After negotiating a plea deal with the authorities, Juventus is scheduled to face trial tomorrow for alleged salary manipulations and suspicious partnerships with agents and other clubs. Originally set for next month, the club has expedited the legal proceedings following their recent ten-point deduction.

According to Tuttomercatoweb, Juventus has reached an agreement with the authorities, prompting the trial to be moved forward. The club will be hoping for a favourable outcome and a lenient punishment as they aim to resolve all legal matters within the current season, avoiding any carryover into the next campaign.

Juve FC Says

The latest point deduction undoubtedly affected our players in the last two games and we must not begin the next campaign unsure of what the future holds for the club.

We have a few months before next season starts and that should be enough time for the leaders to get the legal battles all out of the way so that we can focus more on football when the new season commences and not bother about other things.