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Juventus v AC Milan – Sitting Down with the Enemy

February 6, 2015

1. Where is it going wrong for Milan at the moment ? 
Things are awry from the top down at Milan. The president isn’t going to continue investing in Milan, and he doesn’t really seem to know what to do with it, with a stalemate at the CEO position. Inzaghi was thrown in the deep end probably too soon, and has had to learn on the job, despite never really being the most tactical of minds. The one thing expected from Inzaghi is motivation, and he’s failed so far to deliver that from his squad, which are collectively the third largest wage bill, yet third would be quite a reach for this group.

2. At the moment, what’s the biggest problem: The team or the coach ?
Neither fits each other. Inzaghi went from managing a youth team to playing senior players with no room for improvement future at the club such as Muntari and Essien on a regular basis. The biggest issue is the squad, but Inzaghi isn’t exactly cruising through his debut season. Tactically he’s not alert, although his search for a working formation may provide some needed balance. The ceiling is only so high with the squad though.

3. Would you like to see inzaghi sacked, and if so, who would be the ideal replacement?
No, that won’t really do any good – this season needs to be another “year zero” for Milan. Sacking a coach now makes no sense.

4. Do you feel losing a player like Pirlo has had a big impact on Milans fortunes ?
Absolutely, I think that more than the massive on the field impact Pirlo had, the psychological impact of losing someone of his calibur who won 2 Champions League trophies with the club and is so engrained in the history is massive.

5. How do you view the game and what are Milans chances ahead of the game ?
Cynically at this point. Milan aren’t in any sustained form, and are shuffling through formations. It’s possible Inzaghi finds the right combination at the right time, and Milan have tended to perform at their opponents level, but with the amount of shuffling at the back, and Milan’s muddled gameplan, I don’t see Rossoneri taking any points from the fixture.

6. Which Juve player would solve Milan’s main problem as you see it?

Paul Pogba or Arturo Vidal, as Milan lack presence in the center of the field (not Muntari presence, but quality).

7. What are your feelings on the new stadium and do you believe that a new stadium can do what Juventus stadium did for us?
I’m cynical for how it’s actually going to be built and financed, but I do think it’s a necessary part of competing in the world of football and challenging in Europe.

8. Would getting rid of Berlusconi solve Milan’s problems?
Some of the problems, but far from all of them.

9. Scoreline prediction ?
3-1 Juventus, close until the 65th

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