Juventus and Leonardo Bonucci remain entangled in a legal dispute as the club instructed the defender to depart.

Despite being considered one of the finest players Juventus has had over the past decade, Bonucci’s advancing age and waning fitness no longer align with the club’s requirements.

The Bianconeri have chosen to transition without Bonucci in their plans, focusing on players who better fit their needs.

However, Bonucci is determined to remain with the club and is contesting the decision made by Juventus, leading to an ongoing legal battle.

While Juventus maintains its stance that Bonucci will not be reinstated, the defender has enlisted legal support in an attempt to coerce the club into reversing its verdict.

A report from Tuttomercatoweb reveals that Bonucci’s legal representatives have issued a new formal communication (PEC) to Juventus, demanding his reinstatement.

Anticipating that Juventus might dismiss this demand, the club remains prepared to uphold its decision and is willing to engage in a legal battle to defend its stance.

Juve FC Says

Bonucci is making a mess of what should not have been a big deal and it seems he does not care about his reputation.

In cases like this, he should have just accepted the decision and found a new home, knowing that he would get another club that would trust him.