Although the superstar is currently plying his trade on a different continent, Cristiano Ronaldo still has some unresolved issues dating back to his time at Juventus.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the club’s previous management conducted a series of measures now known as the “Salary Maneuvers”.

The club deferred a portion of the players’ wages from the 2019/20 and 2020/21 campaigns to the following years.

The directors simultaneously signed private agreements with the players that would see them collect payments that they waived through various bonuses. These secret deals remained hidden from the balance sheet, resulting in the Prisma investigation.

Therefore, Ronaldo claims that Juventus still owe him 19.9 million euros in unpaid wages.

The Portuguese has filed a lawsuit, and as Tuttosport (via ilBianconero) explains, there will be a new hearing on Wednesday.

As the source reports, this won’t be the first hearing in the trial, and may not be the last.

Nevertheless, the Turin-based newspaper reveals that the club is optimistic about its chances to win the case and repel the player’s claims.

As the report explains, Ronaldo pushed for a late summer switch to Manchester United in August 2021 and eventually had his wish.

The club will argue that the striker has implicitly waived his right to collect the figures mentioned above by exiting the club on his own terms.

On the other hand, Paulo Dybala’s situation is a different one since it was the club that opted against renewing his contract in 2022. Therefore, Juventus ended up paying the Argentine 3 million euros as per the agreement.