With the uncertainty surrounding the length of the ban that Paul Pogba might face, Juventus is already preparing for the possibility of his absence by exploring potential replacements.

Pogba has been grappling with injuries over the past few months and has struggled to maintain fitness since his return to Juventus. Both the club and the player had hoped that this season would be an opportunity for him to showcase his talent on the big stage.

However, if Pogba is indeed confirmed to have violated anti-doping regulations, it could potentially mark the end of his professional playing career.

In light of this, Juventus has shifted its focus toward identifying potential replacements. According to a report on Tuttomercatoweb, Habib Diarra of Strasbourg is the player closest to joining Juventus as Pogba’s replacement. It’s worth noting that Juventus had expressed interest in signing Diarra during the summer transfer window, and a potential Pogba ban may expedite his acquisition.

Juve FC Says

We needed to replace Pogba in the summer but decided to give him another season to prove he can still play at the highest level.

But if he is banned, no matter how little it is, we expect to cut ties with the Frenchman immediately and replace him as soon as possible.