Juventus has some of the oldest players in Italy and among the top European clubs and they want to rejuvenate their squad.

The Bianconeri have a coherent plan of making their average age younger and they have been following that since last season.

They made a young Andrea Pirlo their manager and signed the likes of Dejan Kulusevski and Federico Chiesa.

While Pirlo has been replaced by Massimiliano Allegri, the likes of Chiesa and Kulusevski have been important members of their squad.

They would hope to keep playing prominent roles next season, but they are just the start of the club’s investment in youngsters.

La Gazzetta dello Sport Calciomercato reports that Juve is continuing on that path under Allegri and most players that would join them henceforth will be young.

The report says that is one of the reasons why they have been chasing the signature of Manuel Locatelli.

The midfield star of Sassuolo and the Italian national team is just 23 and has shown that he will become an elite player if his career is managed well.

He is Juve’s priority target at the moment and the report says signing him would be in line with their plans to continuously rejuvenate their squad until the average age is much younger.