Fabio Capello has slammed Juventus for their performance in their 3-0 home loss to Milan yesterday.

The Bianconeri needed to avoid losing that game which was basically a shootout for the Champions League places.

With both teams tied on the same points, Andrea Pirlo’s men needed to win the match to create a three-point gap between themselves and their rivals.

They are now three points behind the Rossoneri and Capello slammed them for their performance, particularly in the first half.

Both teams have been involved in the suspended European Super League a few weeks back with Juve championing the idea alongside Real Madrid.

On the evidence of the game, Capello says he wonders if they are good enough to play in a Super League.

He also said that Milan didn’t do anything special to win the game, but Juve embarrassed themselves.

“Juventus were embarrassing. They didn’t exist in the first half. They had no ideas, just like in Udine last week,” Capello told Sky Sport Italia via Football Italia.

“Milan did their part, but without doing complicated things. They lacked aggressivity.

“They both missed too many passes in the first half. I saw so many that I asked myself if they are good enough to play in the Super League.”

That loss means Juve will need to win their remaining games and hope for a favour from other teams to finish inside the top four.