Juventus continues to battle different legal problems as they are accused of cooking the books and they have now responded to Deloitte’s financial review.

The accounting firm had spotted some irregularities with concern over ‘salary manoeuvres’ in its own review and Juve has now responded to that.

The Bianconeri insists their interpretation differs from the firm and maintains it followed the right method, which is subject to different interpretations.

They are working hard to prove they have not done anything wrong as investigators continue to release damning evidence to show they have deliberately been involved in capital gains.

A report on Football Italia reveals they made it clear they will continue to cooperate with investigators on the matter.

Juve FC Says

Accounting interpretations are different all over the world and Juventus has used a method they believe is right for them.

Different firms and individuals might find out it differs from how they practice or interpret theirs, which is okay.

As long as the club can defend its practice, we should have no problems and will be free by the end of this investigation.

For now, we need to focus on our preparation for the second half of this season which kicks off next month.