Juventus is one of three clubs that continue to support the European Super League idea and their departed president Andrea Agnelli was one of the key proponents of the concept.

It has been seen generally as an Agnelli idea, which means it should die now that he is no longer the club’s president.

However, a report on Tuttojuve reveals Juventus will continue to support the idea even though their ex-president is no longer involved.

The club’s stance will not change; it believes the idea is viable and will become successful sooner than later.

Juve FC Says

The Super League is needed to break the monopoly of UEFA in European football and one day, it will become a dream come true.

For now, we just need to continue working hard to be successful in Serie A and other European competitions. This will show we are worth taking seriously when we say there is a need for a new European tournament.

But the idea could take decades before it succeeds as fans do not see the need for a new competition at the moment, even though UEFA is probably taking too much money away from the clubs.