Juventus has asked for more information about the decision to deduct 15 points from their league total as a punishment for capital gains.

The development has rocked the Bianconeri after authorities deemed them to have broken the law with the use of capital gains.

However, they had previously been cleared of all wrongdoings in the same case earlier in the year.

Also, no other clubs were fined, even though it takes two to tango in a capital gains accusation.

A report on Football Italia reveals that FIGC will tell the Bianconeri why they have been docked 15 points on Monday.

This will help the black and white to form a defence against the case and try to get the deductions overturned.

Juve FC Says

It is good we will get a chance to defend ourselves as the club executives claim it has done nothing wrong.

As soon as the explanation is given, we expect our defence lawyer to take things into their hands and work on defending us until the end.

Monday will be an important day for all Juve fans because it could also be the day we learn if the club did something wrong.