Juventus is one of the most strongly-backed clubs in the world, with Exor regularly pouring money into the coffers of the Bianconeri.

In the last few seasons, funds have repeatedly been poured into their accounts and it has been helpful to keep the team afloat and sign new players.

Juve’s finances have recently been scrutinised and authorities believe they have cooked their books to stay financially healthy.

They have been docked 15 points for a different offence, so things aren’t going well at the Allianz Stadium now.

Because of the deduction, the Bianconeri could miss out on European football, which means a loss of revenue.

Yet a report on Calciomercato reveals the club has no plans to add new capital to its finances.

The report reveals that after the last two interventions, the next time Juve will get a new capital injection would be in 2025.

Juve FC Says

We remain one of the biggest clubs around, but we cannot say we have been ran well in the last few seasons after the latest exposures.

For now, the new leaders have so much mess to clean up and there is a lot of uncertainty around the Allianz Stadium.

We trust them to get the work done with or without new finances because they have been carefully selected for their expertise.