Juventus has made the decision not to retain Leandro Paredes for another season following his disappointing loan spell with the club. The team’s performance under manager Max Allegri fell short of fan expectations, with some players failing to deliver as anticipated, including Paredes.

At the beginning of the season, Juventus brought in Paredes on loan from Paris Saint-Germain, believing that they were acquiring a top-quality player for their squad. However, the Argentine midfielder has not lived up to expectations, and as a result, he will be returning to PSG.

According to Tuttojuve, Juventus will face a financial penalty for not exercising their option to sign Paredes permanently. The report suggests that the club will pay PSG a sum of 2.5 million euros as a fine for not completing the permanent transfer of the World Cup winner.

It is not uncommon for clubs to include financial penalties or option fees in loan agreements for players, and Juventus will now have to fulfil their contractual obligations despite opting not to retain Paredes.

Juve FC Says

Paredes has been one of our worst additions to the squad this season. In hindsight, there was no need to add him to the group in the first place.

He simply has not been good enough and now we have to replace him, although the returning Nicolo Rovella could do a better job and save us some money.