Juventus is actively urging Adrien Rabiot to extend his contract with the club, but the French midfielder seems uninterested in committing to a new deal. Rabiot had signed a one-year extension at the conclusion of the previous season, with Juventus agreeing to a short-term arrangement as a last resort.

Despite Juventus’ efforts to secure a further extension over the past few months, Rabiot remains unmoved, emphasising his focus on playing rather than engaging in contract negotiations. This signals a clear desire on Rabiot’s part to part ways with the club, attracting interest from other potential suitors.

With the ability to engage in discussions with other clubs, Rabiot now has more options, complicating Juventus’ plans to retain him. Tuttojuve reports that Juventus can only offer him approximately 7 million euros net to stay, but there are other clubs willing to provide higher financial incentives.

Juventus finds itself in a competitive situation against these clubs, and winning this competition for Rabiot’s signature is proving to be a challenging task for the Bianconeri.

Juve FC Says

From the end of the last term, it seemed obvious that Rabiot wanted to leave the club, but we persuaded him to extend his deal for us.

We are a big club and should not beg any player to stay with us if they want to leave.