Juventus will struggle to win anything with just young players

July 21, 2021 - 8:45 am

Juventus has spent much of the last year targeting younger players to reduce the average age of their squad.

The Bianconeri remain one of the biggest clubs in Europe, but they have traditionally relied on experienced players to succeed.

This is one reason why they always looked for the best available free agents around Europe to add to their squad.

That was a good strategy at the time, it always pays to go down the trusted route and that is why punters use w88 because experience and trust deliver results.

But in the last year, they had added the likes of Federico Chiesa, Nicolo Rovella and Dejan Kulusevski to their squad.

The last two joined before they turned 20 while Chiesa is just 23 years old at the moment.

Juve even replaced the Serie A-winning Maurizio Sarri with the inexperienced and younger Andrea Pirlo.

It was a gamble that backfired and they have brought back Massimiliano Allegri to make them champions again.

The disastrous 2020/2021 campaign showed that as Alan Hansen once said, “you can’t win anything with kids”

Reducing the average age of your squad isn’t a bad idea in itself, but it takes time to do that properly.

Juve’s continued interest in younger players around Europe might be a sign that they haven’t learned from last season’s disappointment.

Allegri is a manager who knows what he wants and has shown in the past that he would give chances to younger players when they showed they can come in and deliver.

He brought Moise Kean into the Juve squad and helped the young striker flourish, but his introduction to the team was gradual and well-managed.

But Juve’s approach last season was to add as many younger players to their team as possible and it failed them in the league and in Europe.

Chiesa and Kulusevski showed in the Coppa Italia final that we can trust them for the big occasion, but they still lack the experience to perform consistently in the league.

Juve is on the verge of adding Manuel Locatelli to their squad and he is an exciting signing for us all, but can he cut it at Turin?

As one of Italy’s Euro 2020 winners, fans would expect him to walk straight into our starting XI.

However, at 23, Locatelli is still relatively young and he might struggle to handle the pressure of a Serie A title race.

The Bianconeri needs a delightful blend of experience and youth to succeed this season and they just have to trust Allegri’s decision making and not try to force him to field as many youngsters as possible in his team.

Make no mistake, the young players at Juventus are high quality and super talented, but experience is sometimes more important than those attributes.

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  • Avatar
    Martinn July 21, 2021 at 10:20 am

    Can anyone cut it anywhere? All you can do is buy and hope the chemistry is right. ronaldo is a great player but despite the goals which came at the sacrifice of the rest of the team (which nobody mentions) helped along the deterioration while he had been here, being good is only half the story. Ask you can do is buy well and give them time: a younger player obviously has more career time to do that. We have a great mix of ages.

  • Avatar
    juvemania July 21, 2021 at 4:17 pm

    tbis is just a standart blamed for young players yet they shown it in euro how they are dragging their countries to punch above their weights as those old exp players failed even to impressed.
    look at Denmark, england, Spain etc that have to relied on their youngsters more than their experience players.
    juve can’t win UCL because old legs just gave up on finals. you have exp but got no stamina and ruggedness to push more beyond the limits.

    • Avatar
      Arslan Atayev July 21, 2021 at 10:49 pm

      Definetely, the average squad age of UCL winner teams is between 26-27. Well, quality and talent are equally important. I don’t favor using the word experience, but rather prefer to call it “quality”. However, there are many more factors as well in order to succeed.