Heorhii Sudakov has emerged as a player of interest for Juventus as they continue their search for new talent to bolster their squad. In the previous transfer window, Juventus focused primarily on player sales rather than acquisitions but is now planning to make signings in upcoming windows.

According to a report on Tuttomercatoweb, Juventus has been closely monitoring the Ukrainian midfielder Sudakov and is considering making an official bid for his services in the near future. The club will continue to observe his performances, particularly in an important match when Ukraine faces Italy later today.

Shakhtar Donetsk, Sudakov’s current club, is open to the idea of selling him, and they have set an asking price of 30 million euros for the 21-year-old midfielder. This valuation appears reasonable for a player of his age and potential, making him an attractive prospect for Juventus.

Juve FC Says

The smart clubs start making transfer plans early and we are wise to ensure we can get our businesses done as soon as possible.

Sudakov has been doing exploits at his present club and it would be interesting to see if he will do well in the match against the Azzurri to confirm that he is a good player.