Siamo noiiiiiii…siamo noiiiiii….i campioni dell’Italia siamooo noiiiii. So goes the popular refrain, familiar to Juventini from the past three seasons, and the 29 Scudetti winning seasons that preceded them. You’d think winning would get old, but I guess when it’s in your DNA it only feels right when you are winning. Some fans may be pre-occupied with Juve’s European dealings this season, but don’t let that get in the way of this Scudetto – celebrate it, it’s a fantastic achievement.

Way back in August, I was in Miami covering Juventus and some other Italian teams – that may or may not come from Milan – at the International Champions Cup, a friendly tournament put on to allow American fans to watch their favorite European clubs play in person. Now, Juve actually did not do well in this tournament, they lost to Inter on penalty kicks in the “7th place” final.

But that’s just a footnote, the point of this story is that way back in August, Antonio Conte was talking about Juventus winning a third straight Scudetto for the first time since the 1930s. Possibly due to the fact that he failed to break this “record” as a Juve player, Conte thought of it as a very important objective for this season.

Now, he can think of it as an important objective that he accomplished. Another season of the campionato that has died at the victorious sword of Antonio Conte and his Juventus squad, the squad built in his image. Admittedly, clinching the Scudetto via a surprising Roma loss to Catania, and not a Juve victory over Atalanta, was a bit odd – but we are the champions nonetheless.

I emphasize this because I want my fellow Juventini to focus on this achievement, and savor it. Don’t complain about Juve’s performance in Europe this season, at least not for now. We’ll be in Champions League next year, it’s actually an annual competition, though one might think it happens every four years due to the reactions of some fans and commentators to the fortunes of their teams – this is not limited to Juve. Furthermore, we have the World Cup coming up soon. Support your nation, support the Juve players who will be there, playing both for Italy and for various other countries.

Then, when you are done supporting the players who have brought Juventus back from the depths of the Delneri days, you can complain about Champions League and the summer mercato. But first, enjoy the title. Forza Juve, Sempre ConTe! And most of all: SIAMOOO NOIIII SIAMOOO NOIIIII…I CAMPIONI DELL’ITALIA SIAMOOO NOI.