Kaio Jorge, the young Juventus player, has experienced a challenging period recently, marked by a long-term injury and a recent unfortunate incident of burglary.

The Brazilian talent has been sidelined for approximately a year due to a severe injury, and the club has been patiently awaiting his recovery.

Despite his eagerness to return to the field, this unfortunate event may lead him to consider leaving Turin permanently. A report from Football Italia reveals that Kaio Jorge’s residence in Turin was burglarised, resulting in the theft of valuable items, including jewellery and shirts.

To compound his distress, the thieves also took his Range Rover, which was parked in the property’s garage, leaving him devastated by the incident.

Juve FC Says

This is so sad and traumatic for the young Brazilian just trying to settle in Europe.

The attacker has favoured a loan move back to Brazil. This incident will make him even more determined to leave Turin and head back to his native country.

The club wants Jorge to remain on their books and prove his worth, but it would be hard for them to convince him to stay after this sad incident.