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Juventus Youth sector update December 2015

December 17, 2015 - 8:58 pm

With the seniors going from strength to strength, the complete destruction of our cross town rivals in the coppa italia hopefully enough to recover joy and vigour for the majority of our flock after the champions league draw, it seems an opportune juncture to peek at our young starlets and gauge their progress…

Whilst our primavera had a slither of a chance of progression, when heading to Seville for their final group stage encounter of the UEFA Youth League, our zeal found its way into the referee’s book more easily than the net! The 1-0 defeat, waltzed in turn with the senior side, yet this was a match fraught with rather brutal challenges. Seven yellows ands a red between the sides, the worst of which was Cassata’s expulsion for foul play before half time (at very, very best, I can outline the incident as a coming together of heads…yet it wouldn’t be unfair to suggest Cassata softly headbutted the spaniard who then went down as if he had been hit with a baseball bat), which seems to have turned the tide against us. We finished the tournament in a regrettable 3rd position, having won just twice and lost the other four outings.

Cypriot wonder kid Kastanos had a decent tournament, scoring 3 goals from 5 starts in his attacking midfield berth. Other than which, it seems a failure, on all counts. Yet not to worry, for we have other battles to fight…such as…

The primavera league, which finds us sitting handsomely in top spot of our group courtesy of five straight victories. The latest of which was a 0-4 mauling of Spezia. The goals coming from Clemenza (2), Vadala (his first for the club) and Favilli.

Leading scorers from the U19s are presently Pozzebon with 9 goals from 8 starts, followed closely by Favilli with 8 goals from 10 starts.

It appears that although we stuttered in the UEFA league (yet again), Grosso may well be finding his preferred system and ideal starting XI elsewhere. Next on the fixture list is a home match against 7th place Genoa, who we then also face in the quarter finals of the primavera coppa italia in January.

I must begin our voyage to foreign shores yet again with a mention of Mbaye Diagne, of Senegalese origins and not to be confused with…

Diagne, Juventus

Mbaye Diagne was a Senegalese military officer and a United Nations military observer during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. He is credited with saving many lives during his time in Rwanda through nearly continuous rescue missions at great peril to himself.

Or are they one and the same?

The 24 year old monster of a man has plundered 11 goals from 13 starts, which has helped propel his Ujpest side up to second in the Hungarian league. He scored the winner against league leaders Ferencvaros last weekend…

A big boy, with an eye for goal…

And another one for the road…

Wherever we have sent the young giant – (Serie D to France to Belgium to UAE to Belgium to his present stronghold at Ujpest, all in less than three seasons) – he has scored goals…How the hell he ended up in Hungary is beyond my ken to fathom. Yet clearly he has potency and we are maintaining our stake in his registration. If his fine form continues, surely we will see him loaned to a stronger league. Or used in a deal with another club as a makeweight, yet if he is a scoring machine, why not bring him into the fold next Summer? I’d be happy to roll the Diagne dice through the Summer…

As for our other players plying their trade outside of the peninsula…

I am writing this report whilst fending off a swarm of hundreds, if not thousands of flying ants, who for some reason – likely an Alarm of Nature has been raised – have decided that tonight is the night to make their advance towards the lightbulb here in the garden behind my head. They are EVERYWHERE. In my ears, my eyes, my clothes, crawling their way into my Soul…I have grimaced and roared and raged, finally grabbed the insect spray and decimated their LEGION. And now, with the sandalwood burning by my side, and my beloved hellhound next to my lower paws, panting in this horrid heat, I can finally breathe somewhat more easily, without trademark snarl, and return to this report…

Ouasim Bouy has earned his stripes for FC Zwolle of his native Holland and is now a regular feature of their first XI, chipping in with solid distribution, one goal and several assists to date. His side sit in 7th spot with a good chance of climbing into european contention. 

Of those whom we hold an option for from the Tevez deal, Rodrigo Bentancur is proving the most viable as a potential signing, consistently appearing on the team-sheet for River Plate. Untersee, Josipovic and Donis are all finding regular first team action at their respective clubs in Switzerland. As are Slivka in Holland and Gabriel Appelt in Spain’s second tier.

Back closer to home…

Despite the temptation to avoid sharing this, due to the appalling celebration, I must drag myself clear of unreasonable consternation, and recall to mind that this is for others, for the Juve flock, not merely for my amusement. And so indeed! Our Colombian starlet Andres Tello has been performing very well indeed of late for high flying Cagliari in Serie B. His side sit presently in 2nd spot in the table, set for automatic promotion, helped by this stunning goal of late…in the 1-3 victory over faltering Lanciano.

Recently turned 19, the Colombian U20 international, signed from Envigado after impressing on loan in our primavera, is developing beautifully under the guidance of Massimo Rastelli.

Perennial loan shark Pasquato (26) and midfielder Andrea Schiavone are making great strides at Livorno, whilst Leonardo Spinazzola deserves a mention for his sterling efforts at Perugia.

Which leaves only those loaned to Serie A sides, of which Beradi, I suspect many are following, since he seems set to sign for us next Summer. As for Leali…He is certainly gaining a lot of practice at Frosinone, Tricky to gather much of his form, yet clearly he is their first choice between the sticks and I can offer a mixture of this season and last (Cesena) for a reckoning of his top flight efforts thus far.

Leali’s reactions and positional awareness continue to seem incredibly natural and classy. We also have Audero in the primavera. And then there is our serious consideration of a Brazilian shot stopper…

It will be interesting to see how our interest in Alisson develops, for it seems Roma are also very keen, offering less gold, yet able to gift the player a starting role in a European side, which he craves. Whereas we are offering a higher fee, yet eager to see him stay put for another season, then bring him into the fold in 2017, when perhaps, as horrible as it is to ponder even now, Buffon will be ready to hang up his golden galactic class boots…

Now this chap…has it all. Not only bravery and positioning, he also has the anticipation required of any top drawer goalkeeper deserving of a place in the squad of an elite side. In fact, I will go so far as to suggest that he is the first and only player I have seen, in whom we have interest, who could well earn the right to replace Buffon. A big call, of course, yet I hope we sign him, for the alternative will be to see him head to Rome…A phenomenal talent.

And so…after deploying chemical warfare on the flying ants, which have now ‘dispersed’ if not ended their assault on the near and dear light source, I felt a little guilty, yet reminded myself of the last Attenborough documentary I watched, wherein, I found horridly cruel sadism in the insect realm. Wasps invading birthing factories to hide their own savage progeny in the eggs of other creatures. Spiders paralysing their prey to keep them snug and still as they are thereafter eaten alive, day by day. Even those beloved butterflies finding their roots in deception and staggeringly cruel – by my my own emotive standards – cunning. Indeed, it seems fair to conclude that most insects are natural sadists.

With the the guilt creeping up my spine fast fading, I am buoyed by the progress of enough of our investments in the youth sector to conjure a smile. We are doing better than many.

Forza Juve


Almost forgot…We are presently offering a trial to the most intriguing player to emerge from Finland since…Litmanen, namely Mr Kaan Kairinen. Which the recently turned 17 vibrant midfielder – who presently plies his trade for the worryingly named Inter Turku side of his homeland – has earned, through solid performances for both his club side and the national U19 outfit. Young Kaan is due to spend time with Grosso’s primavera over the coming weekend. Described by his present manager…

“Kaan has shown he is ready for the responsibility. I would not be at all surprised if plays a lot of league games this season. All he needs to do is concentrate and keep working hard.”
Inter Turku head coach Job Dragtsma

Regarded as the greatest talent in the history of his hometown club, Turku-born Kairinen has been a regular for Finland’s national teams since he was an Under-15. He was drafted into Inter Turku’s senior team not long after his 15th birthday, making his league debut as a substitute in the final round of the 2014 season.

Kairinen played regularly in the pre-season League Cup this season, and has started more than half of Inter Turku’s league games in 2015. (

After which revealing, finally affords me the chance to hunt out my next mason jar of home grown medicinal remedies for a world coming apart at the seams, ponder the strange green insect on my arm as much as my impending collision with a dwarf minx on the morrow, set the following track to play loud and proud through my German headphones, then head to slumber, hope to find in the dream realm, of chimeras and my soul flying naked, wild and free…nourishment on all levels, if not adventure.



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  • Avatar
    ho Hi December 20, 2015 at 9:41 am

    Which one is at Juve and which isnt?

    Thats was s fine extremely article. Thanks Gutter.

  • Avatar
    fiQ December 20, 2015 at 8:37 pm

    Great article Gutter, sir! If I may, what happened to Giandonato, Fausto Rossi, and Masi?

    • thegutterpoet
      thegutterpoet December 30, 2015 at 8:33 am

      No problem, my friend…Rossi is the most simple to explain – Now 25 and on loan (from us) at Pro Vercelli in Serie B after stints in Spain at Valladolid and Cordoba.

      Giandonato…I remember him scoring a great goal versus United in a pre-season friendly. We released him in 2013, he has since plied his trade at Parma and other loans, finding himself now in Lega Pro with Padova.

      Finally…Masi…We sold him outright to Ternana in 2013, where he remains a first team regular.

      • Avatar
        fiQ December 30, 2015 at 11:46 am

        Ah such a waste. I remembered all three being impressive in pre-season. It’s a shame that the only youths to have broken out in a long time is Marchisio, and to a lesser extent Giovinco, and to much much lesser extent De Ceglie.